The Conscious Groove

"Raising the vibration, one note at a time."


The Conscious Groove shares their heart’s passion with joy and the intention to unite beings as One through music. Through love, unity, and the conscious evolution of humankind, all dreams are possible. Vibrating positive lyrics and mantra from many different traditions and belief systems, The Conscious Groove serves to spread the frequency of love and devotion, helping listeners connect to the Creative Life Force that lives within the heart. Music unites people together, and as we all “meet at the beat”, all perceived barriers break down, and the heart opens to a new reality of unconditional love. As we all find our unique instrument in the orchestra of life, the most beautiful harmony is born. Through Love, we find truth, and through music, we find peace. May peace, love, and truth live in our hearts for eternity!



Joshua Bowser


Bhakti Fest Joshua Tree 2012

Joshua is a self-taught guitar player and singer/songwriter. He works as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Yoga Instructor and is dedicated to wellness through inner and outer peace. His passions are gardening, nature hikes, and playing music. Joshua sings and plays from his heart. His love for life and passion for truth helps guide him through his life of service to humanity.

“To be simple, my life is about love, balance, and fairness with equality, devotion and music, and respecting the temples (Mother Earth and the Self-Vessel). Through music I have found freedom. I share this joy called The Conscious Groove from a place of service. Thank you for listening!” ~Joshua Bowser

Lemia Astarabadi


Bhakti Fest Joshua Tree 2012

Lemia has been passionate about singing and dancing since she was a little girl. Through her Holistic Health and Naam Yoga studies, she has learned the ancient art of sound healing and incorporates these techniques into the music she co-creates. Her love for all beings, devotion to the Creator, and desire to seek the truth are the driving forces behind her songs. Lemia is dedicated to serving all life through music and Divine Spiritual Wisdom with compassion, grace, and an open heart.

“Music has always been my savior, my peace, and my serenity. To be a co-creator of music with a group of people in the moment is the most amazing gift from the Universe. I give my life to the Creator and ask that the Light may move through me. I am deeply grateful and honored to be a part of the Universal flow of all life.” ~Lemia Astarabadi